3M Nano Magic Tape Double Sided Waterproof Adhesive Home Tape

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Application Guidelines :

✔ 50% strength of bond in 20 minutes, 90% strength of bond in 24 hours, and 100% strength of bond after 72 hours.Note: Clean the work surface, make sure it's smooth and clean. Please stick and let sit for 24 hours, the longer the more viscous.


двухсторонний скотч

Quality :original 3M prodcut.
Color : Transparent
Thickness :1mm
Length: 3m
Adhesive on both sides

STRONG AND EFFECTIVE: The 3M double-sided mounting tape is a fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding roll. It provides high strength and long-term durability. This clear foam tape is resistant to UV light, moisture, solvents, and chemicals, ensuring perfect sealing and bonding even in extreme environments. The heavy-duty 4910 adhesive also resists high-range, hot and cold temperature cycles.

ENDLESS APPLICATIONS: The Canopus double-sided heavy-duty tape can join transparent materials, mount backlit translucent signs and LEDs, bond resin filled glass, metal, glass, and high surface energy (HSE) substrates. It can also be used for most decorative material.