Portable Gap Weeder Grass Trimmer Gardening Mowing Tool

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1.Easy to operate, labor and time saving.
2.Metal material, small size, easy to wash and anti-rust.
3.Idler wheel design, simple to use and move.
4.Pure physical operationl, no needs farm chemical, environmental protection and safe. 
5.Can remove the weeds in small space and crevice, quick and effective.
6.Uproot weeds, avoid secondary growth.
7.The handle can be installed according to different height, no  needs bowing or bend knee.
8.The clasp have two shape, straight and curved, meets different places need.

Color:               Black
Move Way:       Idler Wheel 
Hand Shank:    Support Installation
Material:           Metal 
Clasp Shape:   Straight Clasp, Curved Clasp (optional)
Pole Diameter:      35mm / 1.38in
Wheel Diameter:   50mm / 1.97in
Wheel Width:        23mm / 0.91in
Package Weight:  375g / 13.23ounces
Item Size:             210 * 100mm / 8.27 * 3.94in
Package Size:      210 * 110 * 100mm / 8.27 * 4.33 * 3.94in

Packing List:
1 * Weed Extractor